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In order to maximize the growth of your business, you have to enjoy it, find it fulfilling and be dedicated to its development. Corporate skills seminars deal with the improvement of your corporate skills while focusing on the corporate presentation, crisis solving, creating a good climate and the communication skills development.

Corporate skills

At work, just like in the private life, you have to constantly perfect your products and services, as well as your own capabilities to make your offer as good as it can be. In order to succeed in this, you have to advance yourself. Besides expertise and knowledge, you have to have a whole array of other corporate skills. If you are either a CEO, manager, employee or just another person looking for a job and wants to advance in their career, upgrading your corporate skills is among the highest of priorities.

Corporate skills seminars work on the corporate skills development specifically, what gives you the necessary advantage in relation to the other candidates.

Habits of successful people

In today’s society, where the consumption and spending are greater than ever before, choosing the best offer (whether that is a product, service or a workplace) comes with more contingencies than ever. Whether you are selling a product or applying for a new job position, there is a great likelihood that there are numerous options besides you, which might be the same or similar to you at the first sight. What can be the main advantage and the deciding factor about you being the right choice are your corporate skills. Since the ancient times, the best salesmen were those who were able to identify the speaker and fully adapt, although they did not necessarily always have the best offer. Corporate skills seminar will help you improve your corporate presentation, develop the communication skills and get you ready for crisis solving.

What are the corporate skills seminars?

Corporate skills seminars focus on the corporate skills improvement with the focus on defining the corporate goals, improving the corporate presentation, improving the corporate communication and crisis solving skills.

Are the corporate skills seminars right for you?

Corporate skills development seminars are suitable for all employable individuals. They are designed through a set of classes, examples and exercises, which help you realize which corporate skill elements you want to work on and how can you upgrade them to the maximum. The corporate skills development is taking the participants through the tested program, but to achieve the results, the participants have to be ready to make some changes in their lives, to think outside the box and have the will and perseverance when it comes to skills application to the point of forming habits. To be sure whether the corporate skills seminar is for you, please try to honestly answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel like you need to develop your corporate skills in order to advance in your career or grow your business?
  • Do you want better communication skills?
  • Do you want to learn to be self-confident and take initiative?
  • Do you want to be able to trust yourself more?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the corporate skills seminars can be your career turning point, after which you will realize that it is the small steps that guide you to large progress.

How do corporate skills seminars work?

During the corporate skills seminars, we will talk about your interests, your current job, your corporate goals, the fields you are not completely happy with and how far you want to come. The business coach will help you evaluate your corporate skills and present certain ideas that will help you grow professionally. You will not be made to make any decisions you are not fine with. All the sessions are confidential, which enables you express your thoughts and feelings privately with the coach and the group, if it is a group session.

The corporate skills seminars can be individual or group seminars. The training takes place at the conference space downtown Belgrade. The number of participants is five to ten. The total duration of the seminar is six hours of effective work conducted through multiple sixty minute sessions plus the lunch break.

Areas covered in the corporate skills seminars

Our corporate skills seminars cover the following areas:

  • Corporate etiquette and organizational culture
  • Career management
  • How to improve your communication
  • How to become the top salesperson and achieve top sales performance
  • Workplace conflict management
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Team building and team management
  • Organizational changes management
  • Leadership and motivation

Corporate skills seminars have been current for a long time and numerous entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs and different employees, as well as those who are just entering the corporate world, took these seminars. People’s experiences are positive and, to our great pleasure, the largest portion of our new clients comes by recommendation.

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