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Will we work on our improvement?

Will we push ourselves over the limits set by the society?

Will we take action in order to make our own work determine our value in the world where our values and qualities keep getting reexamined?


Clearly, it is on us to decide. If we are not the only creative designers of our own success, we cannot expect the others to support us and look up to us. Set the example. Be the example of the independence which rises above the laws and limits set by the society daily. Do not let the insignificant items become your preoccupation and vector your mind off the right path – the path of prosperity. The progress starts with us. You have to want to succeed. And you have to keep working on that success daily and continuously. You have to work on yourself, your opinions, attitude and behavior.

Do not expect the others to build your temple of self-respect. Respect yourself just as much as you think you are worth and deserve. Do not get lost in self-affection and remember that humbleness is a virtue. At the beginning, learn to love yourself and keep giving yourself arguments on why others should as well. Self-affection is usually perceived as the shallow and superficial selfishness. Do not let that. Loving yourself is the prerequisite to loving others. If you love yourself the way you chose to be in the first place, you will also love the others, their thoughts, you will set yourself free of the prejudice strains – every person will represent a friend and a comfort. Being social creatures requiring company for physical and mental well-being, it is understood why having friends and support is important. You will be healthy! In the mass toxic and condescending people full of discontent and bitterness, you will be the only certain healing base. Healing by positive energy. If we look at it from the physicist’s perspective, the energy is all around us. Negative attracts the negative and the positive…you get the point. We all know people who we call the energy vampires. In case you have not heard of them, I will provide a brief description. You will certainly identify someone from your own environment in this description. The energy vampires are the people of great olfactory capability with one single goal – to drain your energy, leave you affected, tired and in dark thoughts. People with no developed sense of empathy, i.e. the power to view the interpersonal situations from someone else’s perspective, get this label. That is why they keep seeking attention, talk exclusively about themselves and fail to register the fellow speaker’s subtle signals to change the topic, end the communication or go home. People who feed themselves using the energy of others keep complaining about life, are never clear of problems, are always sabotaged and keep talking about their illness…At the same time they do not listen to the others, they interrupt anyone’s attempt to say something about themselves or nice and not-so-nice life events. They do not need a crying shoulder, sincere support, a kind word, they need a trashcan. Do not let yourself become that trashcan, learn how to deal with these people or even better- avoid them!

Be positive. Expand your sphere of laughter and good thoughts about the people around you. You will see that everyone needs laughter most. You will be happy about trying to make someone laugh. Let others make you laugh too. That means you have to be a good listener. Take your time to listen and you will see that every experience matters. Learn on others’ mistakes too. Do not go through the wall head first. That does not yield any results, only headaches.

Learn how to see beauty in everything. Read good books, go to the theater and the movies, and go to the bars and clubs. Use the given time, simply – live. Sometimes you will have to take chances. Do something you have been wanting for a long time. Be creative, be an artist. Paint, write, be a sculptor, why not! Educate yourself each day, not to show others how smart you are and how much you can do, but to prove to yourself that you are not just a machine programmed to make money.

Even on our own, we are aware how important for each aspect of life being informed is. That knowledge can be used to find new friends, even a new job. We are made to be well rounded beings, you can be a car mechanic and a chef and a tennis player. You will always be fit, you will eat what is good for you, and you will work on your own car. This is how you will value yourself more. Becoming more efficient, you will also be happier with yourself and more independent. Do not let yourself depend on anyone. Live like you think you should. Find a goal and work towards it. And never, but never forget about your basic task you were given the day you were born – be happy!!! This is your main objective and your biggest need –a necessary condition for all your future goals.

Art can be found in everything, find it in the little things too. Look through the bus window, even a field can be an inspiration. Use the leisure moments to build self-awareness and the awareness of the world around you. Think about the present, but also about the future – it is yours and you have time to think about it and build it yourself. Do not let the people who never followed a dream destroy your dreams. A person without dreams is a person without a future. The day you hold off from imagination and hope, you chain your arms and legs, especially your thoughts. Do not be afraid to think. Everyone should have the right to think, for God’s sake. Do not accept the authority that denies you this right. If your wish is to have authority, be righteous. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. You are oriented towards others all your life, so take care of them. Have empathy, provide comfort. You will need it sometimes too and you will see how significant it is, especially in today’s harsh world full of individualists, not to use some traditional vulgar words that might even be most exact in describing the way things are.

Nedeljkov Aleksandar

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